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Email: rochelle@sandlcarpets.co.uk

S & L Carpets

Independent Retailers of Carpets and Flooring since 1968


We are an established family business with over 45 years of experience of all types of flooring

If you are looking for a personal service with expertise to help you with Carpets, Rugs, Vinyl or Wood

flooring for your home or business,

Please visit either of our shops or call to arrange a time when we can come to you.

Distinctive Carpets


If you ike to stand out from the crowd, we can help you to find

carpets to suit your taste and budget.


Come and discuss your ideas with us to make your dreams a reality

Stylish Bathrooms


If you are want a unique design which comlements the

classic style of your home we have a huge range of

options to suit your requirements


Spectacular Offices


Impress your clients by making your offices

reflect your own style and vision.


We can help you te design and install flooring for

Meeting Rooms, Public areas and Offices.

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