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If you have a brand new carpet or hard flooring expertly fitted, it will completely transform a room and even your whole house. Here at S&L carpets we are a family-run business which has been around since 1968, providing our customers with a friendly and highly professional service that you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere. It's possible that you have been left disappointed by carpet fitters you have used in the past, well you can rest assured that you will be absolutely 100% delighted with the results you get from choosing us. We pride ourselves on providing a highly personalised, bespoke service, working with you to ensure you find the ideal flooring solution according to your taste, budget and home. We also have an in-house interior designer to help. At S&L carpets we don't just fit your new flooring but we also provide you with expert advice on which type of flooring would be more suitable for certain areas of your house. As we work with all the leading carpet and hard floor manufacturers, there is always a wide selection to choose from.

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Working with all the leading quality carpet and hard flooring manufacturers means there is always a wide range of the latest carpet and rugs to choose from.


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Professional Carpet Fitting

There are a dizzying array of flooring options available. With carpet for example, there are a variety of different materials, colours and patterns on offer so you will always find something that best suits your needs. Different types of carpet all have different properties and therefore suitability for you. To give an example, if you have children or pets (or both), and are therefore concerned about being able to clean up spillage and mud easily, then you would most certainly be better off with a synthetic carpet such as Nylon, polyester, Polyamide or Polypropylene. These materials can be cleaned with bleach if required without causing damage. Wool carpets are more luxurious whilst at the same time being durable and hard-wearing, and they also keep their appearance for much longer than synthetics. Wool also has natural fire-retardant properties, but having said that it is perhaps not the best choice if it is to get frequently wet, as wool is prone to mold and mildew.

Hard Flooring Hertfordshire

When it comes to hard flooring, the choices include laminate, LVT and real wood. Laminate is a great budget choice, however it doesn't have to be thought of as being inferior to wood flooring, as the appearance of laminate has improved a great deal in the last few years, with it now looking more realistic than ever. The advantage with laminate is that you can have it fitted throughout your whole house if desired, as it is water-proof, and spills/mess can easily be cleaned up. This obviously makes it very hygienic and a great solution if you have small children and/or pets. LVT stands for "Luxury Vinyl Tile"; this is made to look like real tile, wood or stone, and is available in an assortment of different colours. Like laminate it is easy to look after and keep clean. And then there is always real wood. This gives your home real warmth, and with engineered wood there are a variety of different finishes to choose from. Wood is very resilient and hard-wearing too. And lastly, bamboo flooring is a great choice, with it being 100% sustainable and also environmentally friendly.

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