Laminate Flooring

The Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has long been thought of as the budget choice, the "poor man's" hard flooring - however, in this article we hope to dispel this myth, and reveal to you the true wonders of this modern flooring solution, which you may not be aware of, and to hopefully change its image. Despite being relatively inexpensive, the appearance of laminate has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years, and it will make any room look great. Here we will discuss the main advantages of having laminate flooring installed in your home.

Laminate is a perfect flooring choice for a busy family home, and with children and perhaps family pets running around, you need something which is extremely hard-wearing, easy to maintain and to clean - and laminate is all of these things. You can even use bleach on laminate if necessary, without fear of damaging it. Some laminate products are now made water resistant, and as such are ideal for use in the kitchen, or indeed any room which is often liable to getting wet or muddy, which means that all you have to do is to give the floor a quick clean, and it looks brand new again. You could then have the laminate flooring flowing the whole way through any area of your home if you so desired.

Modern laminate also looks great, and is capable of duplicating the look of any natural flooring, such as wood or stone for example. Laminate now looks more realistic than ever. It is also more versatile and more moisture-resistant than some of the other flooring options on the market.

Laminate is very comfortable to walk on and feels great under your feet, so having it even in your bedroom would be perfectly acceptable. This makes it great for people with allergies. Laminate is also very easy to install, and you can even do it yourself if you are confident with DIY. Being easy to install also makes it cheap to install. Hardwood flooring is very expensive, but laminate is now a fantastic alternative which needn't be thought of as being inferior to real wood. Modern laminate is also non-toxic, which is good to know.

So with laminate flooring, you can get the clean and sophisticated look you are after, but without the huge price tag. With very little maintenance required, it has all the attributes of being an absolutely fantastic flooring solution, for any room in your home. 

Along with the many different finishes and modern contemporary colours that are available, there are also different board styles on the market to choose from, for example narrow plank, wide plank, chevron and herringbone.

So you can see that laminate is a very hygienic, time-saving and convenient choice, offering great looks and durability, while at the same time saving you a fortune on other more expensive flooring choices, which do not have the same benefits as laminate. 

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